How to choose Square Diamond Rings?

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October 5, 2020

An engagement or marriage ring is one of the crucial acquisitions you’ll ever make. The sparkling diamond rings assist in sweetening the deal as you request your partner the major enquiry of your life. As she becomes certain to be overcome with happiness and emotion when you get down to propose, surprising her with a striking diamond takes the marriage proposal or engagement to another level.

As most women directly understand the diamond shape they need in an engagement ring, they fail to take into considerations other elements that ought to impact their purchase decision. Each element plays a role regarding the ring’s beauty, which is the reason it’s essential to understand the stuff before purchasing.

Factors that affect the choosing of Square Diamond Rings


A diamond’s cut refers to the angles, locations, and sizes and shapes of the diamond’s facets. A diamond’s shape is a heavy determinant in its brilliance and amount of sparkle. The other determinant is the cut. A diamond cut with the right proportions, depth, and width, helps turn light upward and outward to be extra sparkly. Without a good diamond cut, even a large carat ring can appear dull and lifeless. The diamond’s cut is responsible for and is a measure of the diamond’s ability to refract light. How a diamond is cut creates a diamond’s signature sparkle. A well cut diamond allows light to reflect and refract back to the viewer, giving the diamond maximum brightness.

Clarity and Sparkling

Square diamond rings can result in either radiant or a brilliant cut. Opting for a brilliant or sparkling cut with clarity calls for choosing the diamond ring that is somewhat bigger or has a larger size. Such guarantees that the stone’s sparkle is boosted and becomes equivalent to the sparkling associated with a round diamond ring. Notably, nothing sparks and shines like a bigger squarely-cut diamond. They tend to control light better, leading to a huge sparkle. They as well tend to have less flaws and more clarity, which complements their sparkling brilliance. If you need a diamond with a strikingly bright sparkle, a bigger squarely-cut ring is the best selection for you. In general, if your heart is set on a square diamond ring, be sure to select the bigger size, which has the most sparkle.


Another essential aspect to consider when shopping a square diamond ring is color. Preferably, a diamond ought to be colorless. However, since colorless diamonds are costly, most individuals should select a diamond with somewhat lower grades regarding the color scale. Apart from colourless diamonds being costly, they are also valuable. Most of the rings are in different shades of yellow and brown colors. Large squarely-cut diamonds reflect more light as compared to small squarely-cut diamonds, hence allowing them to conceal color hints. As a result, it’s completely better to select a large squarely-cut diamond, which has a minor color grade, to stick to your set budget.


In general, it is highly likely to recognize that square diamond rings are cheaper than round diamond rings. They usually have a lesser price-per-carat than the round diamond rings. However, if look forward to finding the cheapest square diamond ring, opt for the one with a slight rectangular shape, which is somewhat more than a square. Notably, diamond cutters waste a lot of rough diamond whenever they produce a squarely-shaped diamond cut. Such a factor makes the perfectly squarely-cut diamonds to be relatively expensive as compared to the diamond cuts that are less of a square but more of a rectangular.

Know the difference between lab created diamonds vs natural diamonds.


When a diamond is left in Ultra-Violet (UV) light, fluorescence appears just like a phosphorescent after-glow. It is a typical belief that fluorescence is a undesirable feature. Such is not often the case. In many situations, the feature enhances the brightness and colour of a diamond, it is especially applicable with the low colour grading. However, fluorescence can affect a diamond’s value when it is extremely strong since it may render the diamond either cloudy or oily. In case you need to find out the extent of fluorescence of a square diamond ring before buying, it is considerable to gaze at its lab report. None, faint, medium, strong and very strong are the variables that gems labs use to rate diamonds with fluorescence.


Even though usually thought to denote a diamond’s size, a carat is specifically an average unit of measure expressing the weight of any diamond. The weight is conveyed in points using a scale between 1 and 100, whereby 100 points amounting to a carat. Diamonds with similar carat weight fail to often have similar measurements as they are cut contrarily. For instance, a 3-carat diamond with a poorly-cut grade may appear lesser than a 2-carat diamond with a good cut whenever it has been cut with a profound pavilion. Therefore, when choosing a square diamond ring, consider selecting correctly cut diamonds that have ideal dimensions.


In general, engagement rings are characteristically anything between one and two carats in size. However, distinct cuts call for bigger carat sizes to achieve a similar look. Also, other shapes complement varied fingers better than others. Remarkably, larger ring sizes always necessitate huge carats to fit proportionately on the hand. Therefore, when choosing square diamond rings to purchase, it is essential to consider relatively small to medium-sized square diamond rings that look stunning as well.


If you are looking for a striking option to the plentiful round diamond ring, an engagement ring with a square-shaped diamond can be a better option to your search. Diamonds with a square shape are fragmented into distinct cuts. The princess cut is always the most popular of all the cuts, which comprise both the cushion cut and the asscher cut that can as well make up the square diamond rings. Additionally, there are three forms of faceting arrangements that diamond cutters utilize. The three include brilliant cut, mixed cut, and step cut. The most popular that you should consider first are the brilliant cut or step cut that make up square diamond rings.

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