How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape?

By diamondjewellery

November 9, 2020

Earrings are the most flattering of all jewelry. Select the right shapes and colors according to your face. They can enhance your look and make you feel more confident and complete in your outfit.

It won’t be surprising if you get flustered in matching the outfit to your earrings. The sheer versatility of options makes the choice more difficult. From modern, traditional, and classic style to subtle and bold. Many ladies would like to align their choice of earrings with their overall style and convenience. This way they would present a radiant personality from top to toe.

How to Make a Smart Choice When Going For Earrings

Are you interested to know about the various factors to check for when purchasing a diamond, sterling silver, and gold earrings? Then read on and be informed.

1 – Diamond Earrings

A – Focus on the Clarity of the Rock

Many people forget to concentrate on this important aspect when buying diamond earrings. Clarity is all about blemishes or marks in the diamond (or the lack of it). Since the rock you will be sporting on your ear will be quite small, you can safely go ahead and buy one that has a lower clarity rating. This will help you shave off quite a few dollars in the process.

The GIA Clarity Scale contains 11 grades. The lowest grades are the most common. These are VS (very slightly included), SI (slightly included), and I (included).

B– Focus on the Rock’s Carat Weight

The diamond’s weight is typically measured in terms of a carat. Generally, a 1 carat diamond would retail anywhere between $1800 to $12000. Want to know the reason for the wide difference in the range? It is because of other factors like cut and clarity.

You may want to go for a smaller weight so that the earring sits comfortably on your ear. Since your ear is a delicate body part, it is advised not to go for a larger carat diamond.

Get the maximum value from your dollars by picking a carat weight just under the half and whole carat mark.

C– Focus On The Rock’s Cut

The rock’s symmetry is impacted greatly by its cuts. A flawless cut is considered a precious find. The reason behind it is simple. A diamond’s cut depicts how much light the stone refracts. So, you may ask what it means for you. Well, this means that the cut will determine the dazzling sparkle associated with the rock.

It is no surprise why celebrities and commoners alike prefer going for a brilliant-cut diamond. They would preferably go with perfect cut grades in round stud for a stunning look.

2 – Sterling Silver Earrings

You will instantly recognize the sterling silver earrings due to its distinct hues. It typically has milky white and grayish shades. Jewelers prefer denoting the authenticity of such jewelry with a specific stamp in the form of a hallmark. It is nothing but an indicator of the volume of pure silver content. Some jewelers may also prefer augmenting data like date of completion and country of origin.

The Popular Quality Marks For Sterling Silver Include:
A – Sterling
B -Sterling silver
C – Ster
D – 0.925

Ladies will find these earrings in a variety of styles, like studs, hoops, and dangles. Stylish divas prefer these earrings for a social evening as well as for routine wear to the office.

3 – Gold Earrings

Ladies would look at the karat (a sign of purity) on gold earrings. The purest form of gold is 24-karat, but they are very brittle and hence not many jewelers make jewelry out of such gold. You can instead opt for 18-karat as a preferable choice for gold earrings. You can explore three types of gold earrings.

A -Yellow gold – Yellow is the prominent color of gold. The word gold also stands for a color that is like sunshine.
B -White gold – It looks like the brighter version of silver. It is as popular as yellow gold and made of white metals. Such metals include palladium, nickel, or manganese.
C -Rose Gold – It is a gold alloy with a pink hue. It has become a recent favorite with stylish divas sporting this type of gold frequently
D – Green gold – It is a rare variety. Green gold is a mix of gold and silver. It carries a bright greenish-yellow shade.


Add beautiful earrings if you want to make things spectacular for your special evening out with a loved one or with a friend. A pair of earrings complements your outfit in a great way. It may showcase your style. Or create a few dramatic effects.

Let us know which is your favorite type of fashion earrings, and which occasion do you normally wear it on.

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