How Much an Engagement Ring Costs: Four keys?

By diamondjewellery

October 7, 2020

Yes. Without hesitation. Without delay. So you expect it to be your girlfriend’s answer when you hand her the engagement ring. But what jewel should you buy and how much will it cost? Do not forget to take into account some details to choose well.

How many times do your parents and parents-in-law ask them when they get married? Or how many wedding invitations your friends sent them in the last year. To make matters worse, one day you surprise your partner by looking at wedding dresses on the internet. There are already too many signs: the time may have come to look for engagement rings.

With these anecdotes or without them, the truth is that a decision like this needs to be matured. If you already valued that your relationship deserves to take another step, you will be assaulted by many doubts. When to ask for a marriage, where, how … And, being practical, how much does an engagement ring cost?

As with everything, the price will depend on what you want to buy. So think what the ring would look like to illuminate your beloved’s face. Check in your memory and try to bring to the present any memory you have in which your girlfriend has interacted with a ring of request. Each hint, each word and even each silence of your girlfriend in front of a ring count. Any comment on that ring they saw a few months ago in a showcase or on the engagements ring of a friend … Or one they saw in a movie, maybe?

Nobody better than you knows the tastes of your partner , if you feel more or less weakness for the jewels, what will be the symbolic value or not that will give the ring … And your budget available.

  1. What makes the ring more expensive or cheaper?

Here are some of the factors that influence the final price of an engagement ring:

Metal used for its manufacture

It does not cost the same for a white gold engagement ring or a platinum or silver or titanium engagement ring. Although the shades can be similar, the hardness (scratch resistance) varies from one material to another. The most common is that the engagement ring is made of gold, yellow, white or pink. But in what cases is the metal that is used “negotiable”? If your girlfriend gives more importance to design than material or economic value, you’re in luck: maybe you can save a few hundred or thousands of pesos in the pure ring and use it in other details such as gems.

Type of gems and colors

Surely you will remember Marilyn Monroe whispering that “diamonds are a woman’s best friends”. The saying seems to maintain some validity in regard to rings of request, but in recent decades other stones such as emeralds, sapphires, morganatic and even colored diamonds have been opening up in jewelry workshops throughout the world. If you prefer to go classic, the transparent diamond should be your choice. In that case, forget about the cheap engagement rings. Tip! The greater the transparency, the more perfect the gem; the presence of color denotes impurities and imperfections. Find yourself a certified jeweler that is certified. For such an important purchase, run away from the duckling establishments that promise you wonders at the price of balance.

Size of precious stones

One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams and each carat can be subdivided into 100 points, so that a gem of 50 points will be the same as one of half a carat; that is, it will weigh 0.1 grams. As you can imagine, the price of a diamond of that size will not be the same as that of one of a thousand carats. Okay: a thousand carats is an exaggeration, but this is the size of the largest diamond in the world. As a fact, you know that it was sold in auction in 2016 for about 68 million dollars! Although it was a rough piece, unpolished, it weighed almost a quarter of a kilo and was about the size of a tennis ball.

Size of the gem

Be careful, do not get confused. We are not referring to the size, but to the shape and polish of the gems. Think of a diamond. Most likely you have in mind the classic brilliant cut (in the form of an inverted pyramid and with the top circular). It is not very difficult to understand that the more polished faces the diamond or stone of your choice has, the higher its price will be. Perhaps for this reason, more and more emerald carvings are being used. That is, make that circular base pyramid have a rectangular base.

Type of mount

The simplest model is the so-called solitaire ring , which includes a single set stone, although other designs such as the pave (as if the ring were paved with the chosen stones) and the halo frames (with precious stones drawing the perimeter of the gem central) are being trend.

  1. Some reference prices

If your mind is of numbers and you prefer to put figures to the subject, here are some prices of engagement rings for you to prepare the portfolio. From 800 to 2 thousand 500 pesos you can find a simple ring and that does not put you in a financial bind. Obviously, with oscillations according to metal, stone or design. If you want the alliance to have some brilliant, the budget goes up. In the case of diamonds, the range is wide, since it could range from about 5 thousand to 300 thousand pesos .

Were you thinking of a Midwest trio ring? Kansas Company has in catalog gold rings with a diamond of 0.25 carats from 30 thousand pesos. You will find models from 12 thousand pesos, although a traditional 18-carat rose gold and a diamond will come out for about 28 thousand. And if you are willing to “sacrifice” the diamond for another type of stones, for just over 7 thousand pesos you can get a spectacular engagement ring.

  1. The myth of two months of salary

Surely you have heard that the engagement ring that you give to your partner must cost between two and three months of your salary. We confirm your suspicions: it is a myth. But a very well-constructed myth for several decades!

In the same campaign, an outlay of one month’s salary was suggested. And it worked for them. So much so that in the 1980s they increased the desired investment proposal to two months and added the concept of eternity with the slogan: “How else could two months of salary last forever?”

  1. Do not become indebted with the engagement ring

Although there is no rule that tells you how much money you should spend, we recommend saving some money so as not to drown your finances. Discard debt with the bank, family or friends. Do not lose sight of the fact that as soon as the commitment is sealed, many other expenses will come for the organization of the wedding and the creation of your new home.

Even if you choose to pay in installments, consider completing the payment in a period no longer than 12 months and never throw yourself with un-payable jewelry: buy only what you know you can afford. Do not let a card compromise the finances of your new family.

We hope that all this information has guided you to know how to choose the engagement ring and that your only concern now is to choose how and when the engagement ring will be delivered. If you are looking for words, we have no doubt that there are thoughts of love for your girlfriend that will make you give you the best “yes” you’ve ever heard, I’m sure you’ll be so excited to start this new stage together that you cannot help but imagine yourself measuring yourself wedding dresses and even splitting the wedding cake together.

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