Commission jewellery

Commissioning your own jewelry

By diamondjewellery

October 6, 2020

Working to commission of jewelry is to offer clients the opportunity to have an input into their piece of jewellery. Most importantly the client likes designers style of work but there are several particular elements where they would like to include in their design. Having a jewelry piece that nobody else has is neither necessarily expensive nor difficult to get. They just have to look in the right places and appoint proper designer, who can beautifully design and craft rich quality of piece of jewelry.

Before engaging a jewelry designer, clients need to have a reasonably clear idea of what they are after. It’s also necessary that the aesthetic of the designer is in tune with their own. Even when a piece of jewelry is made with exacting specifications it will naturally carry the individual mark of the maker. So it is need to be sure that you’re both signing from the same hymn sheet here. It is also very important to have a rough idea of what you can spend as it can influence the materials used. Effectively, the price will reflect the production of a one off handmade piece, but it’s possible to tweak the design to ensure it fits within budget.

When you choose a designer we realise how good their skills are and how precious their time is. Taking on commissions is a challenge for the designer and allows them to come away from making their own jewellery and push their skills further. However, time is very precious to a designer and commissions take a lot of time, so it is better to always allow the designer to have enough time to make the piece. Every designer is different with their work patterns but most commissions can take between weeks depending on the workload and how complicated the design is. Some designers specialise in high end pieces with rich quality and it can take months just to make that one piece. If a commission is rushed or is put a lot of pressure on the designer to get the piece completed in a less period of time then you may not be happy with the final result. Therefore, understanding the value of time and specialised skills during a commission is very important.


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