Can you put Diamond Jewellery in your Teeth?

By diamondjewellery

October 7, 2020

Hip-hop has a thing for teeth. From frameworks to diamond crowns to gold fronts, rappers and singers love flexing luxurious smiles. While huge numbers of us are fearful of dental work, in the end, you grow up and acknowledge how dope a pleasant set of pearly whites is.

How do I get a diamond implant?

There are two methods you can get a diamond placed in or on your tooth. The first one, and it’s something I’ve seen done at tattoo parlours and beauty salons, is they take the stone and bond it directly on the surface of your tooth. The issue with that is it sticks out from the surface. It may feel awkward on your lip or destroy off when you are eating. The subsequent method to do it is to genuinely drill a minor divot in the tooth and place the diamond in that manner to be flush with the surface of the tooth. It’s going to look and feel better. It’s more durable and cooler.

Are there any risks?

If you’re drilling into your teeth, that’s irreversible. You’re removing a good, healthy tooth for that.

While I have you, I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas. Is it worth using?

Totally. Electric toothbrushes provide far more strokes per minute, so you are showing signs of improved cleaning.

What are some other trends in teeth cleaning we should know about?

You take sunflower or coconut oil and rinse it around in your mouth. It’s purported to remove bacteria, but unless we’ve seen long term studies on that, it’s not something your dentist is going to recommend. Brush and floss daily. Tried and tested.

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